The Baseball Carnival is a youth baseball social networking and blogging community. Members blog about any past or present experience or relevant opportunity related to youth baseball, and manage their own youth baseball space, a personal profile that empowers connections with friends, family, and other youth baseball support systems from their local communities, as well as communities around the world that share like interest in youths playing more baseball.

The Baseball Carnival is an excellent online resource for individual families, leagues, teams, coaches, or individuals wishing to communicate, share, and discover new experiences and information related to youth baseball.

The Baseball Carnival Youth Baseball Community’s mission is to use the Internet to connect, promote, educate, and improve youth baseball experiences within local communities, with a vision of youth baseball enthusiast, leagues, parents, coaches, mentors, schools, groups, organizations, support systems, and local community members participating in healthy interactions online as well as offline, required to to increase the awareness of the sport of baseball.